Sunday, July 19, 2015

Bakmi 77, Jl. Jamika, Bandung

Yummy Yamien :9

Everyone must agree if it is said that Bandung is a culinary paradise. Lots of restaurants and cafes are scattered here, let's say you look for Traditional,Western, Japanese, Chinese, desserts, ice cream, anything is available! I know there are many culinary accounts in Instagram that keep posting and telling us about nice places to eat in Bandung. I don't know whether the cafes paid them to promote or they sincerely post to spread infos to people. Whatever it is, I am sure there are many other good restaurants with good food that never have their restaurants posted in any culinary IG account. Yeah, marketing stuffs and popularity you know la. Not all that well known are the best whilst many that are good are unknown.

So, this is one not really well known noodles place I wanna tell you guys! ^^~

How it looked from front view, Nothing really changed since about 1997,
but the floor inside has been installed by ceramic while before was just covered with cement.

Bakmi 77
Location: Jl. Jamika 31, Bandung

This place gave me a memory.. When I was a elementary school student (around 1997-early 2000s) I studied at SDK 6 BPK Penabur (near Jl. Jamika) and my father often brought me to eat yamien here. As time passed by we prefer to bring home their (super delicious!) fried meatballs and ate them at home. After I graduated we rarely went there again, but the taste still sticked in my head and tongue.

Today after going to church I want to buy noodles for lunch. At first I planned to buy Bakmi Aloi or Bakmi Karet but then we ended up buying this! Let's say it was destiny :p (lebay)

Oh enough with my very personal and subjective story about this place, haha.. Let's start my objective review about this Bakmi 77!

Top view
Detail of the noodles
Fried meat balls and original meat ball. The fried meat balls are ♥♥~!
The noodles was kinda dry which I love so much!! It is a matter of personal taste I know. My eldest bro loves Bakmi Akong so much which I don't really like because for me their noodles was kinda wet and oily. Other than the dryness, the texture was chewy and taste was so delicious! ^^~

The meatballs was good as well! I super love their fried meatballs, duh, how to describe the savory taste, you'd better try it by yourself (,,>_<)b

The price range was IDR 20K - IDR 29K.

The interior was simple.

Eating place

This couple is the owner. I always love to see couple working together, kinda  sweet right? :)

Detauls of chopsticks, spoons and forks

Another unecessary captures of their Coca Cola, hahaha
Personal Rating
Taste 4.5 / 5
Price 3 / 5
Ambience 3 / 5

I realize myself that I love noodles so much O_O,, Before I've reviewed Mie Rica Kejaksaan here. I've tried others too such as Mi Naripan, Bakmi Karet, Mi Danau Toba, Bakso Panghegar, and so on...
So if you guys know other good noodle restaurants in Bandung please tell me. hahaha ^^~

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