Saturday, July 18, 2015

Yoshinoya, BEC, Bandung

How it looks from front view
Yoshinoya is a famous Japanese fast food chain, well known for their gyudon (beef bowl). There is a new Yoshinoya Store in BEC Bandung, and several days ago I had a chance to try.

Top View
I ordered original beef bowl and their new blackpepper beef bowl (+ a bottle of tea in each package). Both were the same, the difference was just in the sauce. The original one was salty and savoty while blackpepper one was kinda sweet. Oh and although it used blackpepper, it wasn't spicy at all. I added deep fried food and ocha in my original package by paying  IDR 15,000 more.

It might not look tempting, but trust me, it was super yummy! I wasn't really hungry by the time I went there, but still I found myself couldn't stop munching. The meat was so thin and tender thus easy to chew while the taste was super delish.

This one was also good, but personally I don't really like sweets, so I prefer the original one than this, hehe

the deep fried food

You can choose 'chicken' (consisted of 4 items: 2 somay and 2... hemm... I forgot.. kind of chicken nugget maybe :| ) or 'shrimp' which consisted of 3 items like picture above. The appearance was not nice at all. I think if they reduce the size of the paper plate it will look better as it won't look as empty as it was. And for them reducing the plate meant less paper used and less money spent, right? ^^

Taste: quite good, yaa.. so-so lah. The beef bowl impressed me more.

Let's go around the store!

They had nice interior design. They used light brown colored wooden material which made the room looked bright and clean. Those wooden line gave the place a touch of Japanese atmosphere.

What I dislike most was the price. Their slogan was 'Tasty, low-priced, and quick.' But when it came to Indonesia, in fact it was quite pricey. McDonald and KFC were still cheaper and glut more.

Personal Rating
Taste - 4 / 5
Price - 2.5 / 5
Ambience 4 / 5


  1. i was taste yoshinoya, and i like it,
    it's my daily food at singapore i always bought yoshinoya after back from campus 'cause yoshinoya near from my campus too heheee,

    1. Yes yoshinoya tastes good! ^^~
      Haha lucky you it was near your campus. This one is quite far from my place , i won't visit it often.