Tuesday, July 21, 2015

中山優馬 ~ Garasu no Shounen

Randomly found this very old song (released in 1997) by KinKi Kids.

I've googled the lyrics but nothing really special from the lyrics.
But I do really love the melody! 
Peaceful, calm and cheerful at the same time.

It was their debut song and released together with their first album 'A Album' in July 21, 1997. 
This song attracted me since the first listening, just like what Hug (TVXQ) did to me.


Days ago I (accidentally) went to TSM and saw the roller coaster.
I want to ride that, badly.
When I was in Junior High School and we were still living in Batununggal (note, not our own house), we went to BSM almost every weekend and I often rid the roller coaster.

I love roller coaster. The speed and the roaring sound.
Those special things about it makes my heart beats faster and somehow makes me feel more alive
I miss riding roller coaster ;________;
I want to ride roller coasters again.
Not just in TSM but those all around the world.

I saw a white grand piano in main hall as well.
It looked so magnificent and charming, standing there elegantly in a big room
Shamelessly I opened the cover and pressed the keys
The sound made was so beautiful
If I close my eyes I would believe if people said it was a voice of an Angel from Heaven.

I wonder if I could play this instrument.
I want to be able to play piano.

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