Thursday, August 6, 2020


It definitely is not the first time I feel in doubt.
I'd been repeatedly told about a thing since I was a little kid. 
I received it as a truth I held on as ones who told me so seemed credible for me as a little kid back then. 
Now that I grew older, the doubt haunted me, i became more skeptical. 
I once asked for explanation but never received a satisfying answer... yet. 
And when I look at another place... I found a better commentary.

We may get formal education from schools, but we can always learn anything from anywhere and anyone, can't we? 

Sunday, July 12, 2020

Stir fry Pok Choy

- Pokchoy 3 ikat, cuci bersih, iris kecil
- Ayam rebus sekitar 250 gram kayaknya, iris kecil
- dan air kaldu rebusannya kayaknya selitar 1 gelas kurang
- Wijen 1 sdm, sangrai
- Saos tiram 1 sachet (23 ml) 
- Garam secukupnya
- Minyak wijen 1 sdm
- Bawang putih 4 cm, cincang halus
- Jahe 1 cm cincang halus
- Bawang bombay 1/2 yg besar
- Cabe rawit merah 7

Cara membuat
1. Panaskan minyak, tumis bawang bombay
2. Lalu tumis bawang putih, lalu jahe
3. Masukkan ayam rebus, nah karena basically ayam rebus udah mateng yha, jadi ngga pake lama
4. Masukkan pokchoy, bagian bonggol dulu
5. Kasi garem disini. Logika ku, bonggol kan tebel dan keras, jadi kudu digaremin juga khusus biar berasa
6. Masukkan daun pokchoy
7. Beri saos tiram
8. Masukkan cabe rawit
9. Tambahkan air kaldu rebusan ayam. Deuh kental dan wangi pisan yeuh. 
10. Beri minyak wijen. 
11. Sajikan di mangkuk, taburi wijen sangrai

Personal story
It might look awfully unpleasing, but the taste is good! The recipe i follow was quite different, we should boil the unchopped pokchoy for 2 minutes, and the gravy should be poured on top of the boiled pokchoy. However, I am too lazy to prepare twice (boiling pot + sauce pan for the gravy) , plus we don't have that fancy flat long/oval shapped plate like the ones you see in Chinese food restaurant to nicely serve this kind of food. So chop the pokchoy and stir fry it together with the gravy it is! 🤪 

I have lost interest in cooking for long, however, after cooking the ebi furai several days ago, I am now passionate about cooking again. This pokchoy one is not that kind of fancy dish I try to master, it was just I was hungry and there was no food at home. There is always a emergency dish called instant noodle, plus I had Gekikara Carbo I have never tried and was so curious and excited to try, but cooking instant noodle was not challenging. I love instant noodle, but I have eaten two about 3 days ago, so it might be not a wise choice. And this kind of emergency dish is nice for the tongue but not for the tummy. Not that it made me get fat easily, but my tummy doesn't feel really good after eating unhealthy food. I think about the 'after taste' too. And mom told me there were pokchoy and boiled chicken + the broth in the fridge. So I cooked. 

This pokchoy could be modified in any way you want.. Add fish sauce, soy sauce (I planned to, but the sauce had already salty so I cancelled adding any soy sauce at all) , totole, mushroom (I'd really glad too, but there was no mushroom left in the fridge) 

Yesterday I had just got my driving license, i look awfully ugly on it, it honestly dropped my mood 😂 I thank my bro very much for this unique birthday gift, lend his soon-to-be-sold car to use + driving car lesson + the driving license. Thankyou thankyou thankyou!! I am so excited. Today want to drive the far to go to try ramen in Sukajadi. Hope we all arrive safe and complete. Haha. 

Monday, July 6, 2020

Ebi Furai + Salad

Ebi Furai (untuk 3 orang)

- Udang ukuran besar 10 buah, sisihkan kepala, kupas kulit, sisakan ekor, bersihkan dan cuci bersih
- Seasoning: Garam, merica, kaldu jamur secukupnya
- Air perasan lemon
- 1 siung bawang putih, cincang halus
- Tepung terigu 3 sdm
- Telur ayam 2 butir, kocok
- Tepung roti 20 sdm (2 sdm untuk 1 udang) 
- Minyak goreng

Cara membuat:
1. Bubuhi udang dengan air perasan lemon
2. Marinasi udang dengan garam, merica, kaldu jamur, dan cincangan bawang putih. Simpan di kulkas sekitar 1 jam 
3. Celup udang pada tepung terigu yang dicampur sedikit garam
4. Celupkan ke kocokan telur
5. Baluri dengan tepung roti
6. Ulangi step 4 dan 5, tekan2 supaya tepung roti menempel
7. Goreng udang di minyak panas

Salad (untuk 3 orang)
- Wortel sedang 2 buah
- Kol besar 1/2 buah
- Untuk acar wortel: Cuka : gula : air = 1:2:3, untuk 2 wortel sedang, saya pakai 2 sdm cuka, 4 sdm gula, dan 6 sdm air
- Mayones dan saus sambal 3 : 1

Cara membuat:
1.Iris tipis kol, rendam dalam air garam
2.Iris tipis wortel, rendam dengan larutan acar, simpan di kulkas sekitar 1 jam
3. Saat disajikan, buang air rendaman kol dan wortel
4. Sajikan dengan mayones dan sambal

Referensi: Youtube (search resep Ebi Furai dan salad ala Hokben) 

***Karena salah menghitung jumlah tepung roti yang digunakan, akhirnya ada sisa tepung roti. Supaya ga mubazir, beberapa udang saya baluri kocokan telur dan tepung roti lagi (total 3x lapis tepung roti) dan hasilnya tebal banget. Rasanya jadi rasa tepung dan jadinya mblenger (semacem eneg in Javanese). Lapis 2x lebih enak, lebih kerasa udangnya, dan tampilannya juga lebih cantik proporsional. 

Personal story
Mom bought these shrimps and she told me she was gonna make kinda sour and sweet shrimp which I dislike. So I asked her permission to cook her shrimp in my own way (this deep fried ebi furai) and she let me do so, hehehe, thank you Mom ^^
Took me the whole day to cook this one. Quite exhausting, but I super love the result and I am satisfied! It tasted so good. I went outside and took good photographs of them as well. Mom said it tasted good as well. My sis didn't say anything but she added the salad and ebi furai to her plate, I assumed that's her way of silently approving this dish. 

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Mushroom Soy Butter Pasta

Bahan (untuk 1 orang) 
- Spaghetti angel hair(sekitar 70g-80g mungkin) 
- Jamur shimeji 1/4 pak (25gr) 
- Jamur champignon ukuran besar 1 buah
- Japanese soysauce/shoyu 1 sdm
- Butter/ cheaper substitenya margarin 1 sdm
- Bawang putih 1 siung cincang
- Bawang bombay 1/4 buah iris kecil
- Garam dan kaldu jamur secukupnya
- Air secukupnya

Cara membuat
1. Tumis bombay, lalu tumis bawang putih
2. Tumis jamur, tambah garam sedikit
3. Tambahkan air
4. Masukkan spaghetti
5. Tambahkan shoyu dan butter
6. Masak sampai spaghetti aldente (sekitar 10 menit/ sampai air susut) 

Found this recipe from @verenleecious. So excited to try it and i super love the result. The soysauce is mild, giving pretty much Asian vibes to the dish. And the mushroom, yeah i love mushroom very much at the first place, so. I'm really satisfied with this one. Japanese flavoured spaghetti, adding one variation for me to cook my favourite spaghetti. 

Monday, March 23, 2020

Rest in Peace Pa David

On Sunday, March 22 2020, our pastor, David Tjakra Wicaksana passed away.
To be honest, I don't really know him personally.
But once a month in doa pengerja, he is the one who leads the communion. His voice is beautiful as well.
So little things I know about him honestly...

But well
Still, it hurts bad... It's like losing a father figure.

Thank you for all your guidance Pa David.
Rest in peace, Jesus loves you.

Thursday, March 5, 2020

The Silent Patient - Alex Michaelides (2019)

This is a psychological thriller story tells us about  Alicia Berenson, a famous painter who kills her own beloved husband Gabriel with five gunshots in his face in their house and remains silent after, and a psychotherapist Theo Faber who manages to treat Alicia in Grove, an psychiatric institution she is held in to make her speak again and reveal the truth.

The writer reveals the clues by each stages from Theo Faber's point of view, from his journey investigating people related to Alicia Berenson, and his own personal life as well. In other parts, readers are also given the story from Alicia Berenson's own point of view through the journal she wrote by herself. This way readers are made to know both Theo and Alicia's personality and life story little by little.

This book, in some points, engages readers to be sympathetic with what Alicia had been through her childhood life. It describes Alicia's psychological state  both in the past and present time quite in detail and emotional way. Though she may not talk a single word, Theo Faber's invetigation to people from her circle reveals them gradually. This book is quite a page turner till the revealing twist in the last thirty pages.
Personal story for personal note, might CONTAINTS SPOILERS, so please kindly stop reading if you are about to read this book later!!!
The twist is shocking, but as I have ever fooled by this kind of stories for so many times from Agatha Christie's novels, I don't really find this twist as amusing as how I felt when I first experienced 'totally screwed by the twist' state. However, I enjoyed more about how the writer describes Theo's feeling and frustration when he found out Kathy's infidelity. How he denied his own wish to cut off the relationship, he managed to still be with her despite her betrayal, for he was afraid to be alone again. This is so human, to stay in what so called toxic relationship, some people would rather have a dysfunctional partner than be lonely. Unfortunately, this decision brought Theo to so much cruelness he found himself do later...and he brought Alicia as well to suspect and do this messiness... I wonder if until the end of her life Alicia ever found out that his beloved husband Gabriel had an affair with Theo's wife. What we know from the book is just that Alicia was triggered to kill Gabriel when Gabriel mentioned to save himself rather than her, so she felt betrayed and unloved. 

Well, admitted or not, (as some people choose not to admit or show it because showing vulnerability somehow hurt the ego) when it comes to feeling, people can do such stupid and irrational things.