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Intruding Snake

Today, just today, this very morning, half awake me going to bathroom in half darkness, when my eyes met an unknown moving object. I thought it was just our water hose sliding to the floor, then I remembered we never had such a white-black water hose. It was... snake. Poisonous weling snake. Thanks to previous experience with snake hanging around my house, I overcame this problem more calmly than before. I called Damkar (firefighter) telling them about my problem, my address and Whatsapp number, asking them to come quickly as I knew this one is poisonous. So yeah, they came in few minutes, searching for the snake, then inserted the snake into a double-sack and bringing them out of the house. What a morning we had today. Almost a year ago we had an uninvited living-hose intruder as well. The panic level was higher but the snake was way smaller and that one was non-poisonous. Our savior was also those firefighters. In just minutes after I called, they came and help us. Really appreciate

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