Monday, December 28, 2015

REVIEW: EOS Cats Eyes Softlens in Grey and Brown

Hello again. Yes, I've reviewed EOS Cats Eyes in grey here before, but one I'm going to review now is both grey and brown that's used at the same time! Naturally, some people (or even animals) with heterochromia have eyes with different colors. Let's say Kate Bosworth below, see her gorgeous eyes!

Kate Bosworth
Some fictional characters also look cool with different eye colors, such as Yuna (FFX) and Amanozaku from Ghost at School (very exciting anime aired in about April 2003).

Yuna (FFX)
Amanozaku (Ghost at School)

In real life I've seen two cats with heterochromia in different occassions. This one below was captured by Muti in Vila Antapani, Bandung. Both cats with heterochromia I saw have white fur, dunno it was just pure coincidence or cats with heterochromia do have a tendency to be fluffy white.

cool cat with heterochromia

Inspired by them, and boredom of wearing that 'grey again, choco again, black again' natual colored softlenses, I now use grey and brown at the same time. Well, since Ghost at School and FFX era I had wanted to have different eye colors as well. I did wanna have grey and green but when I thought again, no, they were too conspicuous -_-"

So here is one I use: EOS Cats Eyes in grey and brown.

EOS Cats Eyes

Origin: Korea
Diameter: 14.5 mm
Water: 38%
Life span: max 6 months - 1 year

the bottles' appearance
up: inner side. down: outter side
How the lens looked on my fingertips

How they look in my eyes. Left: brown, right: grey. Still natural right?! :D
Okayyy, now I'll show you my shameless selfies with these lenses. Too excited, hahaha. But really, I feel cool wearing different colors of softlenses at the same time ^^. Thanks to softlens, my childhood ridiculous dream of having eyes with different colors is now accomplished.

Left: inside car. Right: outdoor under bright sunlight
Look left, look right~

OK, now look left, smile, look right~
Last pic!

Okayy, this is all, thank you for reading! (^__^) /
I dare you to wear softlens with different colors as I did, haha. Don't worry you don't have to buy two pairs at once, you can buy just one pair with different power and color.

Where to buy:

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  3. woaa so cutee>< I love this lenses as well