Thursday, December 24, 2015

Le Delice Cafe & Bakery - Jl. Guntur 22, Bandung

Yesterday my office pals and me went to this place to have lunch together and exchange gift. Let's say it's Christmas Day Celebration and our last meeting before we'll meet again after new year. I thank my boss so much for this day ^^~

The place was so lovely, it's like you are having a garden party. The price was also affordable, I do recommend this place as the taste of their food were also great. They have some cute spots to take pics as well!

Let's strolling around this place, but first enjoy the food :9
= Snack =
Forgot the name, but it containts fries, fried calamary, dory, chicken served with tartar sauce
chicken wings. the sauce was superb!

= Appetizer =

Very delicious salad

Zupa soup, the cream soup was so delicious

= Main Course =
Chicken steak with rice. It was ordered by friends but personally it didn't attract me, unless they use fries or mashed potato instead of very regular rice :x
lychee fried rice. a friend who tried it gave it 12 points from 11, hahaha
Oxtail soup
Chicken roll with mushroom sauce. The one I ordered and it was delicious :9

= Desserts =
waffle delight (nor sure about the name). It was the one I ordered and I looove this
Dessert, forgot the name, but this one looks so bloody sexy, hahaha
Forgot the name as well but the colorful meises look so fresh, little kids will be happy^^

Forgot the name~

= Taking Pictures Spots =

picinic mode

Rudolph the red nosed reindeer

appetizer + beverage
us after echanging gifts
 = Place =

white flowery gate, like you have an outdoor wedding party

the ambience. i super love how they combine green + white

I didn't take much pictures of the place... They actually have a small bakery which sells breads and cakes there (in a place where a guy with blue shirt were standing in the picture above.
 I was so full yesterday, eating such wonderful foods in such wonderful place with wonderful people. I am grateful for yesterday.

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