Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Mie Rica Kejaksaan - Paskal Hypersquare

My last lunch in 2014 was Mie Rica Kejaksaan in Paskal Hypersquare, Bandung. Let me show you the pics, maybe you have tried or if haven't you can try it as well^^.

Here it was!
Just wanna show the window in second floor
They have various kinds of mie rica, with chicken, shrimp, pork, casiu, or the salty but not spicy one. And what I ordered was ...

Mie Rica BABI. Yes baby, BABI  a.k.a. PORK

With meatballs and dumplings
Looks tempting, right???

Price: IDR 27,000 (or IDR 23,000 without the meatballs or dumplings)

Taste: HEAVEN! I didn't want to be lebay, but really, it was super tasty. By the time the noodles met my tongue, the savory and spicy taste of the pork and the springiness of the noodles melted perfectly in my mouth. The broth was a bit tasteless. Oh it had flavor but not as strong as the noodles and pork. It was good of course, so the flavor overall woudn't be too much. The meatballs and dumplings were good but just so-so... So next time I could just order the noodles without meatballs, hehe.

Strawberry yogurt

Price: IDR 10,000
Sour and I liked it! It had pieces of real strawberry inside as well. Too bad it was only 200 ml
Thai tea

 Price: IDR 10,000

Interior. It was too hot to be outside so I ate outside.

Mie Rica Kejaksaan
Score: 4.8/5
I think they deserve the score as the flavor was very very tasty (at least for me) and the price was also affordable ^^.

Next, I strolled around Food Market in Paskal Hypersquare. They would have a New Year Eve Event there, I saw the stage and some people who were training.

The entrance to the food market. Merry Christmas :D
Here was the stage. Quite big, right?
Wandering around, snapping pictures

Exterior eating area.

White Christmas tree, I love how they hung red, blue and green balls to the plain white Christmas tree.. and that yellow star on top!

XMAS. See the deer? :D

Felt like in Japan, yeah!

With canopy so people still can eat eventhough it was raining

Another eating place.

The food stalls are so traditional just like the food they sell^^

Many chairs for people to sit. Guess they are full tonight at New Year Eve. See those statues..?
Three wise monkeys... wait
Yes at first in a glance I thought there were statues of three wise monkeys which close their eyes, ears, and mouth.

Just me copying the statue
 I thought it was so cool as I love the philosophy, so I, without hesitation, walked closer and copied their style. But when I moved to the second statue I realized, "Hey I've just closed my eyes why eyes again not ears?" Then I realized the third statue didn't even close anything but laughing with its hands in front of his chest. Maybe those statues have different philosophy than one I know...

Exterior eating place, again

See the colorful windows up there? Seems like in Bali, ya?

Food court = too many choices... I would spend a lot of time strolling around thinking about what to eat if I was about going to eat in food court, hehe. But next time, this Food Market in Paskal Hypersquare worths to try.

Snow man in front of the White Christmas Tree
Do you want to build a snowman?

Me and Olaf with broken nose fot the last pic, hehe. So here my last post in 2014 is. Let me enjoy one last hour in 2014 and you all as well. Happy Ending 2014 :)


  1. Thankyou for your sweet comments on my blog! BTW, I'm reading nube too actually and super in love with it! <3 Too poor nowadays I can't keep to read it as the old days..

    Btw your picture of noodles pork looks soo tempting! <3

    1. Youre welcome^^ yes i now rarely read mangas but just conan and miiko coz ive read them for so long. Nube is so cute i wish i had a funny teacher like him haha xD

      Yess it tasted soo good as well x9

  2. I love your magazine worthy writing dear! it's so fun and easy to read ♥ ♥

    New fun post on the blog sweetie!

  3. I love your magazine worthy writing dear! it's so fun and easy to read ♥ ♥

    New fun post on the blog sweetie!