Friday, December 26, 2014

Porto Resto

Last captured before going home, but picked as first pic. See the sky? It was raining hard when we went out
Pals in my office celebrates Christmas by having lunch together and changing presents in Porto Resto, Setiabudhi, Bandung at December 24, 2014. I bought a photo frame and ballpoints. It was my friend who got presents from mine. She knew what was inside before opening it, of course lha whoever touched it would know what's inside from the form they felt XD

In return, I got manicure set. I know whom this one was from B-) Haha.. Guys in my office were so lucky for not getting this one. Though I am now using nail polish but I hardly do anything to my nails except cutting it, more over guys, no? But still, thank you very much for the present and togetherness! ^^

And here are picture parade of what I snapped in Porto:

Calamary, the first ones we ate
Mushroom soup!
Tenderloin steak
Honolulu, it was mixed juice of pineapple, etc etc (forgot the rest) . It tasted sour which I LOOVVE SO MUCH! It was so heavy, mostly fruits, It took me so long to finish it. I meant, I finished it like finallyyyy~

Creme brulee, did I spell it right?

What's inside
To be honest I don't really like sweets and I had been quite full when the female boss (there are 2 bosses : a guy one and a woman one) ordered the desserts. But when it is free who will refuse ? XP I still could finished it anyway, LOL. my stomach is really made of rubber. I always control myself to eat as less as I could but when it is needed, it still can accomodate space for many ammount of foods.

Toilet signage.
 In office my friend asked me to help her make house number plate. So now whenever I found something related to it I captured them, just for future referention, hehe.

#OOTD (?) 
Wear skirts, they said. Wear high heels, they said. Be pretty, clean and fragrant, they said. So here I was. A friend said I looked like a chorist who was going to sing in a church. But personally I thought I looked like a job applicant who was ready for a job interview, haha. It was Christmas celebration so  I thought they would at least wear reddish, greenish, or any Christmas themed outfit, But in fact it was only me who appeared in s shocking red -____-" And a friend who wore Santa's hat.. She was so cute and she was really a Santa, she brought mini parcels filled with sweets for all of us as well. So kind of her^^.

Outdoor eating place

Outdoor eating place, seen from other point of view

Outdoor eating place. They put shawl around the deer's neck. So sweet of them, right? This way I wish the deer won't feel cold although being outside for all days long, lolol
The kitchen as seen from outside

 It seemed like it was originally a Colonial house which was renovated and modified into restaurant. See the exterior appearance, the floor, the ceiling, it was so colonial. But the rest are new..

One indoor eating table.
I think these windows form was original, but then renovated so they look glossy and new. Well, I am just being so sotoy so please correct me if it is wrong :')

The door
Nah, these frames was newly designed I guess! Match well with the original colonial stuffs though ^^.


What I saw from the place I sat. Classic~ See the deer? 
Thank you for my office, without you I can never eat in a place with unreasonable price (for me) like here, hahaha. And for all pals for the moment we had.

Lastly, Merry Christmas and happy holiday to all of you! :D

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