Sunday, December 28, 2014

Yoogane for Christmas Early-Dinner

I went to Festival Citylink on Christmas Day.

There I bought a white little dress form Carla 50% Off Booth. I didn't intend to buy dress at first but this cute dress was originally IDR 300K and I could get it just by spending IDR 150K, yay \( o^ ___ ^o)/ Buying clothes is like love, right? When you want to and search intentionally you might not find the best one for you, but when it is unplanned, you will find it unexpectedly, LOL. They said Carla in Istana Plaza will hold the same 50% Off Sale next week. Sure I'll go :D

Then we went to Yoogane for early-dinner since it was still 4 P.M....

Their logo. Red-orange-yellow. Reminds me of sun. Why chicken anyway?
Kimchi for welcome snack
When I watched Running Man, they ate kimchi like it was delicious like heaven, But when I tried, it was,,, yeah.. matter of appetite maybe... I still could eat it though :D

Beef ramyun (the original name was too long I can't recall
The price for ramyun was IDR 30K ++ forgot the detail)
How's the taste? I love it :D However, make sure to finish it immediately. Because if no, the ramyun would expand and cool off. This way, the flavor wouldn't be as tasty as before and you might be fed-up.

Mix 1 (just like the ramyun, the real name was like ergfet3tr wtf I can't even spell it :')
Rice + chicken + beef. No seafood! Hehe
The soup. Kinda sour and spicy which I love so much! ^^
Don't know what this was, I just tried it once and then it was left behind untouched, haha

The price of Mix 1 was IDR 50K (exclude tax)
The taste was gooood, compared to other Korean Restaurant M*jigae, I love Yoogane a lot better. This tasted salty and spicy and made me keep munching eventhough I wasn't really hungry at that time. M*jigae, in other hand, tasted sweet while I don't like sweets, so I think that explained why :)

Let's go around the room!

Interior. See, the way they arrange the brick was kind of unique. And why chicken again? Does yoogane mean chicken? (Google translate said no though)

The Pop wall - art

Another point of view
Another snap
One more point which makes me love Yoogane much more than M*jigae is that Yoogane put TV that shows Korean Stars' MVs (see the TV there?) Both while waiting and eating, I watched MVs showed and that was kinda entertaining, hehe. I know M*jigae has this also, but in white layer. I mean, you won't be able to watch anything but those blurry white rapid movement, except you turn the light off which is impossible to do.

To be fair, I'd like to mention what I dislike from Yoogane, They use usual spoons and forks. The chopsticks they use are also made of wood. Meanwhile, M*jigae use chopsticks which are made of metal, just like ones real Koreans use to eat.

Where I stand

The tiles' color matched with their logo's color, Reddish, yellowish, just like their spicy ramyun's color as well.. These are kind of colors which keeps you munching.


  1. ini korean food ya?
    deco nya ceria ya, colorful.
    kalo di sby tempat aku biasa makan korean food deconya biasa aja.

    yang plg menyenangkan di korean resto itu side dishnya buanyak.
    ga usah pesen makan juga sbnrnya udah kenyang makan side dish...hehe.

    1. Yup..yg colorful dinding blakang kasir aja sih..hehe. Agak ga sreg nya dia pk sumpit kayu biasa.. Jd ga kerasa koreanya >_<

      Side dish ky gmn, kei? ^^ paket yg mix 1 ini ngenyangin loh

    2. side dishnya kayak makanan pembuka gitu, macem-macem.
      di taruh di lepek kecil2, ada macem2.
      ada kyk semacam bakwan goreng, kering tempe, kering teri, 2 macem kimchi, dll.
      pokoknya ngabisin side dish aja udah bikin kenyang...hehe.

    3. oo semacem welcome snack ya? disini dikasi pembuka gratisannya nya cm kimchii.. asik kalau uda macem2 jd belinya bisa dikit aja tp tetep kenyang x)

  2. kayanya enak ya. kita suka banget makanan korea XD