Sunday, December 21, 2014

Doraemon Expo + Visiting IKEA


Yesterday my office and I had a trip to Doraemon Expo (at Ancol) at noon and continued by visiting IKEA (at Alam Sutera) till evening before going back again to Bandung.

Come here as the expo is just from November 28, 2014 until March 3, 2015. The entrance fee is just IDR 72K (see my ticket). However, prepare more money for entrance to Ancol, it was IDR 25K per person + IDR 20 K for a car.

Especially you guys who were born in 80s - 90s and spent your sunday mornings as a child sitting in front of TV watching this every 8 a.m., you might feel nostalgic^^. I don't think kids these days enjoy Doraemon the way I did as a kid, but bringing little kids to place like this will still makes them happy.

Here are some snaps of them, enjoy! :D

Doraemon's production as explained in Doraemon 11. Love this book as it explains history of Doraemon.
Why did Doraemon lost his ears?? Don't worry Dorakun, you still look cute even without ears <3 *pukpuk

All lies you say become a truth! I am so filthy rich, my house is anywhere and I have so many cars in my garage, LOL

Roti Hapalan... every student wants this badly~!

Payung Cinta, humorous one
Attending the wedding of Nobita x Shizuka, haha
The legendary Takekoputta~ Baling-baling bambuuuu~
This gadget can copy stuffs... I want this  ,,O__O,,

Doraemon's monyong mouth ^3^
Disorganized person like me needs this bag! Give me one so it would never be a problem if I forget to bring something, hehe
The story about this fan is sooo funny
There are many gadgets in the shape of speaking dolls, So which one is this doll about?? The old one I think, the one with happy ending as Nobita's shy uncle finally can propose the woman he loves. Correct me if I am wrong
Doraemon, Doraemon everywhere:D Started to be tired capturing one by one so I captured this way instead
Selimut waktu, I wanna put my face inside this so my skin face can be FOREVER YOUNG :D 
This scene!!! T____T
Lingkaran penembus. Wanna use it to run away from all sadness and hardships  LOL
the legendary senter pembesar! This gadget often appears at their adventures
Attending Giant's concert, you'd better close your ears! 
Look at Nobita's envious face^^
Wanna good or bad Giant? LOL
There are photographers who snap you and you can purchase this one for IDR 80 K :) 
Posing in front of Doraemons
The merchandises. Can't believe I didn't buy any of it. Regret  it now ;_;

I had fun here... too bad I didn't buy anything. My friend will go there and I have asked her to buy me the wallet and keychain for sure.. please tell me when you are there, Cita... LOL.

And about the IKEA... well my cell phone battery was about to die so there were no picture of it. Newly married couple must like visiting the place as this show many furnitures and stuffs for homes. 

About the food, a person in my office told about the meatballs but I didn't really like the food... the taste was so-so at least for my tongue and too expensive for my wallet. (a plate of the meatballs and cream was IDR 40K) But their management is different from usual food court in Indonesia and it was fun to experience this:) We pay for the glass and we can freely refill anything we want (pick between Pepsi, Rootbeer, Mirinda, 7Up...  or hot coffee, but I don't like coffee so I didn't even think to fill my glass with their coffee). I mixed Rootbeer and Mirinda and the color turned to be so gorgeous like red wine, By the time I went there to refill, a little kid was standing there confused about which one to pick. Then I came and randomly push the Mirinda button then the Rootbeer then 7Up then just left away, LOLOL can't imagine what she'd think about me XD

Ice cream booth was fun as well (sadly no pic of it becaouse of the battery), we purchased the cone and a coin, then put the cone on the place prepared, insert the coin, and press the button. Then the machine will work and TADAA the ice cream is ready to eat! IDR 4000 K and quite delish like ones in McD, oh I love this^^.


  1. oh my so many doraemons XD I really like the pictures, makes me remember the stories.
    nice post ^^

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    1. Yes doraemon everywhre :D come to the expo youll remeber the stories for sure. thankyou for visiting, ehehe