Thursday, May 19, 2016

Yorokobi Usachan 喜び 兎ちゃん

I don't speak Japanese so the title above might - or better I say definitely is - gramatically incorrect, neither is the Japanese kanji written above the bunnies' ears. Days ago I made those using Adobe Photoshop and it was so amusing to playing with just Marque and Paint Bucket Tool combined by usage of Stroke option to get those super kawaii bunnies over there. Photoshop is fun. It will make a cute kids' birthday card. My niece will have her 1st first birthday celebrated this early June and stupid me, I completely forgot to offer making the invitation cards.

Days ago I also finished reading Angels and Demons written by Dan Brown, I'll review it later. Four books in about a week - I think I am insane, hahaha. Lately am so in love with books, they bring me exploring new horizon, wandering in different kind of place and time, both historically and fantastically. And what's more magical than seeing fancy things so realistically not with your actual eyes but imagination?

Lately as well, I love observing the blue sky. Both every morning on the way to the office and on my way home, each day sky is uniquely different, that's one what makes it so wonderful. I posted them on my personal Instagram account and I love to put deep quote as the caption. I am not a poet and not a big fan of ones, so I rely on Google to find the suitable caption. And one day, I found this very deep quote.

Konrad Adenauer — 'We all live under the same sky, but we don't all have the same horizon.'

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