Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Big Four - by Agatha Christie (released in 1927)

This book presented a different kind of mystery case from other Christie's books. This one is like a compilation of many minor cases interlocked with just one objection: hunting The Big Four. The Big Four itself, was a group of four powerful and influential people as the boss with many henchmen around the world helping them. It's an intelectual worldwide fight between Poirot (accompanied by Hastings again this time) and them, with the whole world as the battlefield. Yes, here we are led to travel from London to Paris, to Belgia and even to the eastern land, a town in China, facing different minor cases everywhere their foot stepped on.

The minor cases were, though some were kinda shallow and a bit boring, quite exciting, though they were short but still have you some shocks in the end. My favorites are one in China and in chess match part. They got my heart pounded fast with excitement and curiosity with what will happen next.

For you who read Detective Conan (Case Closed), reading it seems like reading Conan's adventure facing The Black Organization. We haven't neither met nor even know who the Big Boss is but Conan has fought some of his henchmen in some different occasions. Ya that sort of stories!

This book is quite exciting, the opening, the concept, the minor cases, it offers variety. However, I honestly did expect for a more splendid ending. I was surprised when I've met the last page, 'Hey is this all? No more twists and explanation?'

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