Thursday, May 12, 2016

Murder on the Orient Express - by Agatha Christie (Released in 1934)

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This book is about a murder occured in a snowy winter night in a first class compartment of Orient Express, of which Poirot was half-awake in the very next compartment.

It was all started when Poirot was in the middle of his journey by train, observing a young man and woman as another passenger of the train. The three of them then, by any chance, met again in the Orient Express heading to London.

The compartment was full and Poirot met an American man with heinous face who wanted to hire Poirot as he felt threatened. An order which later refused. This man is the one then found murdered, brutally with twelve stabs of blade. It was all snowing hard outside that the train had to stop.

Then Poirot, accompanied by Dr. Constantine and M. Bouc investigated, interviewing all the passengers about what might have happened by the time Ratchett took his last breath. The more they investigated, the more puzzled they became. Many evidences of all passengers overlapping, taking some time for our detective to sit and think. They all finally  led him to the two final conclusion, which was quite unthinkable, just as every ending of Christie's books always offers.

This book is quite popular, though I, to be honest, wasn't really impressed with the final conclusion. It feels like this book is unfinished and need additional thirty pages for more explanation. However, I guess everyone has different point of view, so I recommend everyone to read it, as it may please you^^.

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