Thursday, September 17, 2015

Unscientifically Proved: Function of Screaming OUT LOUD

Days ago I was in super masisive anger and as a rebound I screamed out loud, I meant REALLY OUT LOUD. On the road. On motorcycle.

Those were harsh words I was usually not used to say, I felt quite relieved after.

I was wearing a mask and when I screamed, nobody ever paid attention to me, nobody seemed to realize that there was a nut girl screaming fucking harsh words while riding motorcycle. Nah it was good lah^^.

Well, anger itself is not good for your own health. I had a headache the next 2 mornings. However surprisingly, my blood pressure was still normal (110)...

Despite the bad effects of anger, the screaming had good side for good.

  • I felt relieved. Letting (in my current case: anger) our was better than buried it inside the head. Stack it more and more and at once one trigger would explode it! By screaming alone on the road I didn't hurt anybody.
  • I could remember my dreams at night. When I was a kid I dreamt a lot and could recalled most of my dreams. Lately my nights were empty, I didn't have any dreams at all. These days after the screaming stuff, well, I had dreams and I could recall them.

Buried everything inside is not good, dear introverts :')
Let them go, release YOURSELF free from your own trash thoughts~

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