Saturday, September 12, 2015


What's wrong is? When do I do wrongly, when I'm disagree with you?
I don't think so.
No, wrong is when it's not right *super simple translation


But the problem is what's truth itself.

What motivated me to think this way was personal
and I simply didn't think those were appropriate to be written here

But my conclusion is:

I don't want to do a thing, even a good one, with bad intentions behind.

And I don't mind reading many stuffs that let me see from many points of views
I prefer to realize that I'm not sure about a thing rather than fanatically trust a thing that may not be true since I heard it from one party.

The more you know the more you find out that you now nothing.

To my brain and heart, through these ups and downs please be keen to know what's right and wrong.
Not what you want to be right
But what's trully right even if it might not nice to realize.

I learn Mathematics from a Mathematics teacher.
I learn to understand Mathematics.
However my Mathematics teacher is, I don't care.
What important is the subject, not the teacher.

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