Sunday, September 13, 2015

Rijstaffel Resto - Jl. Pasirkaliki, Bandung

Nasi Liwet

Fried Chicken with serundeng - Tofu - Tempe - Mini Perkedel - x9

This was the one I ordered, nasi liwet. Was firstly confused about ordering mi tek-tek, sate jamur, or nasi begana, but in the end I chose this and this one tasted good (>_< )b 

I wanted to eat the rice directly from the pot but since I was with a friend and she didn't so I didn't as well.. hiks..

Teapot and cups of tea

Interior - Cozy Seating places


Inner garden

With clear glass roofing, this way the inner court would be light during days without lamps but still free from raindrops


Column detail
The ambience was very good, it was very pleasant of me to be here, chatting with a friend in a place with nice atmosphere.

And surprisingly what impressed me most was the TOILET.
Really it was super duper clean, and dunno whether the ceramic tile they chose or the lamp color which made the toilet room was very comfortable to be in.

After eating, they gave us a testimonial form, and I gave 5 points for their toilet's hygiene xD
Oh so I recommend Rijstaffel for its toilet? Bahaha

No lah. Yes the toilet was very impressive but the food and room atmosphere was very good as well^^.


  1. Tempatnya kayanya enak ya XD Jadi laper liat fotonya :D

    1. yuppp, rasanya enak ^^
      dan toiletnya SUPER bersih