Sunday, July 2, 2017

Soursweet Lime of Time

In this one week long holiday
Had a little roller coaster of feelings
Till a time to say good bye
From spending lots of time working

My friend got a wedding invitation job
So I spent most of time cutting paper and stuffs
Early days wasted by much cuts and sobs
Gratefully cured by family gatherings and much loves

Having a relaxing chat with brother
Memorizing our beloved father and grandmother
That have passed away
Leaving many lessons in such a way

Everybody has their own kindness and wickedness
You are and I am as well
See ourself in a way no more or less
Learn wisdom like hearing a ringing bell

My past is a thing so deeply tied with me
No matter how hard  I try and forgive
They will eventually come towards me
Eventhough I refuse to perceive

Forgetting is a whole different thing from forgiving
But a bird learn to walk first
Before being great in spreading the wings
Rather than curse but bless that's burst

So be grateful for this past one week
It has sweetly gone
Wish to have lots more to seek
And keep going on

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