Sunday, November 1, 2015

Treading Princess

Treading Princess - using Artrage
It was a drawing I made this evening. I draw so roughly -____-", I love drawing yet I'm quite impatient and rough sketch was the answer.

The drawing itself, meant to show a strong-willed Chinese princess treading elegantly in her palace. 

Randomly I rewatched Meteor Garden and I found out that Dao Mingsi (Jerry Yan) was very very handsome! When it was aired in Trans TV (about 2002) I was still an 11 year old little girl who didin't know how handsome guys were. In a glance he looked like Shim Changmin whom I like so much, too, haha.

Jerry Yan
Jerry Yan again
Felt so low for admiring him as dramas of him that I watched was just MG 1. And it was so old-fashioned. Whatever, it was a legend in it's era.

Christmas is coming again! 2015 is moving so fast, really. So happy and excited about it. I will take part in Christmas Celebration in my church, something I didn't do these past years, I'm so happy to have a chance to. I am thankful and grateful for everything. 

"either you're so lucky and blessed to get good cards and keep winning or get bad cards and keep losing, just enjoy the game." - playing cards

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