Wednesday, November 11, 2015

My Strong Fingers

On Saturday on my way to church by riding motorcycle on my own, the fingers of my left foot was run over by a water tanker. When I realized that my fingers were there under those wheels of the car, I didn't feel pain but a heavy feeling. However, as soon as the car passed and I continued riding my motorcycle, I felt a terrific pain. Yes, it hurt so bad. Then I stepped aside and open my left shoe -- in a fear -- to see my sore fingers. Thankfully, they were all intact, no blood, and though in pain I still could move all my 5 fingers. And I continued my journey to church, and went back to home.

At night I soaked my left feed in a warm saly water for awhile then went asleep and hoped that the next day my fingers would get better. However at midnight my elder bro came and he brought me to hospital. By this time, my second and third fingers had turned purplish.

Oh yes I am starting to be lazy to write detailly, hahaha. In the end it was found that my bones were cracked and I had to let my left foot have a rest for a while. Today I can tiptoe, a thing I couldn't do at Saturday and Sunday because of the pain and in Monday and Tuesday because of the fear.

Well, from this experience, I become more careful in riding motorcycle, moreover in a traffic with big vehicles around me, I have to be careful where to step. I am grateful that though these little fingers got crushed by a water tanker, I didn't have any serious damage. Doctor also said I can be normal again in about two weeks, so I still can dance for Christmas celebration this December.

But really, anything can happen all of a sudden. Anything.

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