Saturday, August 15, 2015

Lost Control in Grey Area

A woman has tried as much as she can to keep in her mind to never judge others... everybody has their own stories and reasons that she might never know. However, lately she can't stand it anymore.

She was in anger, and (worse or more honestly?) she showed it.

She's like digging her own grave, standing at the forefront of the battlefield alone and armless.

Then a friend showed her this quote:

Is she not mature enought then?
Yes, she is
In her head she is always a 12 year old girl.
Well, actually, this picture slapped her.

She should have controlled her emotion rather than let it lead her to show bad attittude.

She was in grey area, neither true nor false.
But her bad attittude was absolutely wrong, yes.

She was not perfect as well
She made many many many mistakes
She was timid and forgetful

But the problem is,
She doesn't think remain silent and simply accept that kind of situation was right as well.

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