Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Grateful Days

This Saturday, I was so grateful to once again have a chance to receive sincere kindness from a stranger

I was about to going out from Yogya Ciumbuleuit when my left rearview mirror broke off and fell down.A stranger helped me picked it up and when he saw me trying to install it back, he told me I needed a wrench to unscrew the rearview mirror before installing it back again. I had one inside my trunk and I wanted to try by myself but he offered a hand so I let him help me. And yes, here it was, my left rearview mirror was back again in its place, with a help of a stranger.

Thank you so much for the help and the sincerity! :)

In the Youth Service at the evening I also got so many precious things to contemplate, The End of the World is near, all us, include me, we all, have to be prepared...

I intended to put the verses here but I couldn't copy and paste (I think I should re-install my laptop really soon -_-") so I'll put the link instead so you guys can read it as well


2 Timothy 3 : 1 - 5

It's a #notetoself and to all of us


I was also grateful that in this though times, I had good office mates around me, who supported each others, in a good way. Mates who advised me when I was wrong, I thank You for them, God.

I listened and read some local news about economic condition in Indonesia and it made me worry, yes, very much if I may say.

Please help us all to pass these though days...

Oh and it might sound so #OOT and childish,but the fact that Dragon Ball is aired again in Global TV does really really really make me happy!!! ^^~

It's everyday at 6 P.M. I've watched it for  2 days and I was burnt in excitement while watching it. I'm back to little kid again while watching my all-time-favorite fictional superhero, Son Goku appeared on TV, hehehe. I now have a reason to come home before 6 P.M., yes, to watch Dragon Ball o(>///< o) It will be an hour show and daily so it won't test my patience watching it, hohoho

Yesterday, Shrek 2 was aired as well. This animation has so many funny moments to laugh at, and deep life lesson inside, it's a out-of-the-box fairytale which I love so much.

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