Monday, August 31, 2015

Latest Conan #85 Was Awesome!!

Shuichi Akai

I have read and loved Detective Conan series since I was a third grader. I collected all the books till now and following the series, guessing how the end might be, and basically, I enjoy reading and waiting for the next book to be published.

I bought the latest Detective Conan #85 on Friday, and guess what, I enjoyed it so much. It was superb, above expectation, and I think I'm in love with two attractive guys appeared here, Shuichi Akai and Shukichi Haneda.

Shukichi Haneda

Maybe I'm suck in describing. I love these two guys so much, especially Akai, but I don't know what to say. I just find them have an undescribable charm that attract me in such a way. I enjoyed the suprise presented in this book so much,

Aoyama Gosho, the author, was born on June, 21, 1963 and I adore him so much >///<, he has made so many charming guys in his mangas, let's say Shinichi, Kaito Kid, Takagi, Heiji, a lame legged police officer  (forgot the name and too lazy to look for it, hahaha), Saguru Hakuba, Yusaku, Heiji's father, and so on. 

I don't want the series to end, Aoyama Gosho, will you write Detective Conan for the rest of your life? #youthink XD

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