Friday, November 14, 2014

REVIEW: Diva Lolipop Softlens in Choco

I had miopi ever since my early childhood times because I loved reading book while laying down, no matter how my parents had prohibit me to do so. (regret it now, LOL) I wore glasses since my first year in Junior High School. I couldn't see anything written on the blackboard and that was dangerous because I might not understand what my teacher explained (Math, those xs, you know lhaa) I hate wearing glasses to be honest, but I desperately need it... So, for me, softlens is the best invention ever made! :D Wonder why I didn't wear it earlier~

I wore many brands since 17 years old but I wanna review the lens that I am wearing right now: Diva Lolipop in Choco. I have worn it since around May 2014 , special for my Graduation day ^^.

I am lucky that my eyes suits almost all softlens brand I've tried so far (I just didn't suit X2 and A+) For me, this lens is very comfortable to wear ( better than Princess Universe or Summer Doll, but still under Super Yogurt #myopinion) I have dark colored skin so I play safe by always picking natural colored lens such as Choco or black :)

So here are my points about this Diva Lolipop in Choco that I wear:
+ Cheap (only IDR 100k) , but still
+ Comfortable to wear!
+ Dolly eyes effect
+ Very natural and very good for those who love natural daily look (still looks good even without any makeup)

- The color may be too natural for those who love bright colored lens.

Where to buy:

Instagram: @anitastore
Free shipping fee to all Indonesia area ^^.

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