Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Morning Smile

Morning Smile
I always feel good after my right hand and pencil meets paper, haha. I don't really have to think hard, Just let it flow, then the blank paper in front of me turn into something and it simply makes me happy. I am thinking of purchasing Samsung Galaxy Note 10,1 (as it is used by Ika Natassa to sketch digitally, oh so random me..) or Bamboo Tablet or scanner to make it easier for me to draw. What do you think about it...?

In my university years I had a friend who likes drawing as well. I remember one day in Structure class we made a random collaboration and laughed together. When the lecturer came closer to us we hid the paper (coz the drawing was embarassing to see!) and kept silent, but went he went away we continued drawing and laughing. After the class, a friend told us that when the lecturer came closer to us, he glanced at our paper. Unexpectedly he is so kepo, LOL. Luckily we had hidden the paper ^^.

Since mid October, I have rid motorcycle to my office instead of using public transport like how I used to always do in my university years. And for me, as one who had spent 5 years using public transport, riding own motorcycle is much better than using public transport. 

(+) Faster. No need to explain actually. No ngetem-ngetem like how public transport does.
(+) Cheaper. From a daily route (home-office-home) I spend IDR 16,000 if I use public transport (3 times changing) but using motorcycle, I spend 10,000 for petrol for 2 days long ride. So in a working week (Monday - Saturday) I'd spend IDR 96,000 if I use public transport but just IDR 30,000 if I use motorcycle.
(+) Cleaner. Technically, riding motorcycle means I am directly exposed to pollution and sunlight. But in fact, I feel much cleaner.
(+) Shorter track.
(+) I FEEL FREE :D As I can go to anywhere I want anytime. Well, exclude the toll road of course, haha.

(-) Raining. Rain becomes enemy now, haha. But to be honest I don't really annoyed by the rain. Somehow I like being poured by the rain...
(-) More dangerous. Yes, it is. I had little accidents but they make me ride more carefully. Watch out for the passenger's foot pedal. If you don't bum anyone make sure the foot pedal folded. Well, my motorcycle felt once because of this :| And check the rearview mirror regularly, especially when you are gonna turn right or left.
(-) Darker skin.
(-) Maintenance.  My friend in cellgroup told about problems with her motorcycle: blow out tire, not working machine... And when you have a problem with your motorcycle on the way you can't just leave motorcycle then go on. And don't forget the maintenance fee as well.

"Everything has its own positive and negative sides..."

P.S. I'm now listening to Santa Claus is Coming to Town. This song always reminds me of tambourine's sound as it was the song when my church friends and I had a tambourine performance at church in Christmas 2002. And Christmas 2014 is just a month to goooo~!

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