Sunday, November 2, 2014

Late Night Dizzy Heads but Happy Ears

Since my school time, I had always studied at late night or early morning. Late nights are so peaceful and silent, those are things I need to concentrate. Well, dealing with Maths, Physics and Chemistry in my High School years prohibited me to listen to music while studying. Dealing with numbers meant I had to fully concentrate which meant no distraction at all, including music, even the slowest ones.

But it was different when I was in university. I mostly stayed up for Studio and total silence at late nights, instead of making me concentrate, actually made me feel lonely. So I turn the radio on and Thank God I found this radio station: K-Lite 107.1 FM.
Favorite radio station 
I love their late nights playlists... I don't know all the songs they played but I love them. The songs are mostly slow, overall my favorite types of songs, And they always calm my mind while working. Too bad they stop airing at 00.00 AM. However, thank you very much for accompanying my late nights for years... My head may be dizzy thinking but my ears and heart are happy listening to your songs^^.

You can listen to this radio station as well if you love easy-listening songs to accompany your late nights,,, just visit to listen to them via streaming if you live outside Bandung.

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