Thursday, April 12, 2018

A Short Story of a Lost Little Kitten

Yesterday morning was just like another usual morning, I prepared everything and went to office. Well, after going to Singapore last March (will post about this later) and moved to office in Paskal Hypersquare, I tended to go to office early than usual.

It was about 7.30 a.m. and I was riding my motorcycle when I saw a little kitten was walking in the middle of the road. It gave me a little shock.. How come this little buddy be alone in the road full of moving cars and motorcycles. I stopped my motorcycle in the middle of the road and walked to this helpless kitty, take him aside. There was a car behind my randomly parked motorcycle and thank God the driver just stopped and waited for me, no honking or any other upset gesture.

I took my motorcycle aside as well and had a time to think. Moving this kitty aside was not the answer, he would actually cross the street again anytime soon. The street were surrounded by factories, he had no other place but the street to walk on.

I was in confusion when another rider across the street asked me what to do with the kitten. I thought I would bring him to my home, I wished mom would mind taking care of him. So I turned my motorcycle back, with my right hand ond the handle and my left hand holding the kitty. Fortunately, he stayed calm, didn't randomly jumped out or anything.

In the middle of the journey, I thought of many would get angry. And this kitten was so small, he might get sick and if so, mom would get busy taking him to veterinarian.

The rider man asked me about what to do with the kitten... After chatting with him, considering one thing and another, I decided to put this kitten in Cimindi traditional market. This man kindly told me to be careful holding this kitten.

I turned my motorcycle back and brought the kitten to the market. He shivered a bit and sticked his paws quite deeply in my shirt so it was hard to lowered him. I put him near one chicken seller. I saw him walked ..and then I left him.

I hope he does good there, having some people loving and taking care of him.

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