Wednesday, November 8, 2017

No Feast Lasts Forever

It was a semi-autobiography about Oei Hui Lian, a daughter of one richest sugar businessman in Southeast Asia, Oei Tiong Ham. She had a luxurious life by the help of his very rich father's money and she also married a man with political power, Wellington Koo. Having an ambitious mother as well, she is what is so called jetset socialite at that moment.

It is concluded at the end of the book that she finally found out that knowing rich and powerful people are nothing. It's brain and attitude that matters. It's also told that in the end of her life, she felt lonely and realized that she should have appreciated people she knew more than how she actually  had treated them.

Well, for me, honestly I said if I could be in her position, I'd very glad to! Haha.. Come on, it's like having that "motherlode" bar in The Sims. I want this I want that, and all I have to do is just typing "m-o-t-h-e-r-l-o-d-e" or in her case "ask papa" and the money will be sent right away to my bank account.

She is lonely at the end of her life. Hey? Won't poor people feel lonely as well? If both are lonely, I'd choose to be a rich one of course. Money is like health. Being perfectly healthy doesn't mean I am happy. But having my health destructed ensured my difficulty to enjoy life more. Unless you have been so strong that you can still be grateful despite your disease, I'd happily be healthy at the first place.

Well, I quite enjoy reading this book, felt like watching a Chinese drama, hahaha. It somehow containts general knowledge and a bit of Indonesian-Chinese history, social culture, etc.

And the main message is the title itself, no feast lasts forever :)

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