Sunday, June 25, 2017

Crooked House - Agatha Christie (1949)

Looking up for this title because it is stated as one of most recommended Agatha Christie's book in ratings I found in several websites. After half reading it I realized I've read this one before, but in Bahasa ndonesia which has a total different title: "Buku Catatan Josephine". Silly me reading one book twice^^".

Well, Crooked House is started when Charles, a young police officer comes and proposes his beloved, Sophia Leonides. However, she refuses the proposal, at least until the murder case of his wealthy 85 year old grandfather Aristide Leonides is solved. Aristide is clearly poisoned by one of his households, which are a young wife Brenda, his two sons Philips and Roger and their wives Magda and Clementine. He also has a relative named Edith de Haviland and three grandchildren: Sophia, Eustace and Josephine. And there is Laurence Brown, a tutor that teaches Eustace and Josephine in the house.

Aristide is a powerful rich tyrant, he loves having his weaker and dependant family surrounds him. He is also adored by his sons. And each of his family member has their own specific --if it can be stated as one-- different motivation to have Aristide died. Jealousy between brothers, a will to set free from the house, a fear of loosing money after having to deal with bankruptcy, and so on.

The case continues as somebody tries to kill Josephine. This little girl loves playing detective and investigating. She has a black notebook where she writes down whatever she finds out. So, it's likely that the culprit who killed Aristide is scared of some informations she may have.
Then Charles finds a set of love letters between Brenda and Laurence. Although both of them deny it, they are arrested.

After Josephine comes back from hospital, the Nanny is found dead after drinking cocoa that should have been drunk by Josephine. The police officers are afraid they have arrested the wrong criminal.
Finally, after another circumtance happens, the real culprit is revealed by a letter written by one of the household with a black notebook inside it.

Although it is stated as one of the best, I personally disagree. I just give 3 of 5 to this book. It is just another Agatha Christie book. And although Christie herself enjoy writing this book, I personally didn't really enjoy reading the book, nor the conclusion presented in the end. It was shocking, yes, it is out of what everyone will think. However, the way the truth is revealed is kinda too flat and easy, Charles is a passive and slow investigator in my opinion. Another person acts more real actions as a detective than he does. And the ending scene is a bit necessity. Like an episode of a soap opera, everything goes slowly as how the director wants it to be. I think I have a too high expectation knowing it's stated as "one of the best". But hey, I also have a high standard for "Curtain" for it is the very last, "The Murder of Roger Ackroyd" for my bro highly recommends me and "And Then There Were None" for what's written on the back of the book seems really interesting, but those books didn't fail to impress me. I am satisfied with those titles, but not with The Crooked House.  Well, everybody may have different point of view, sooooo, you have to read it by yourself to find out. Kindly tell me your different opinion about this book :D

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