Saturday, April 16, 2016


Sometimes I do wonder what hearts are made of.
At a time people may feel so zestful about a thing to a point which they can't even catch a breath but being passionate.
Again a time that they are so weary about the exact same thing.

Pick a person you know in your mind and think about him/her.
At one time you might realize that he/she is the kindest person you will ever know.
Yet at another time, the exact same person may lead you to to hatred, even revenge.

Life is kinda funny.
You appear in nothingness, pass in a glimpse, to leave again in nothingness.

Compared with seven billion inhabitants of the earth, the life of such one person does not mean anything.
Despite knowing this, being left by a loved one still got people grieve.
Despite knowing that everybody  will all meet an end, still tears flowing in the eyes, still the heart suffer in misery.

Compared with 4.54 billion years age of our earth , our mere 70 years age of average human's life seems like a single eyewink.
Despite knowing this, still we work hard struggling in career.
Despite knowing that everything we've gained will all be left, still we feel so worried about gaining.

And yes we have to struggle in years we have.

Because life is kinda funny.
Each person's existence are both meaningful and meaningless at the same time.
Our lifetimes are both so short and long at the same time.

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