Tuesday, June 2, 2015

More Careful with Your Mouth... and Mind... #notetoself

On Saturday I went to church and the pastor was someone very well known. I meant, the service was started at 5 pm and I've arrived since 4.15 but the queue had been as long as fangirls' queue at Korean boyband concert o_O I've been told to come early because it must be crowded but I didn't think it would be that much...

A friend told me before to come because of the great (and very well known) pastor. She told me that he was once a depraved man (in Indonesian she said bejat but I'm not sure which English words suits bejat well). Looking at his handsome and good looking appearance even in his 40s, it came to my mind that he was once a playboy, flirted with many girls, had many ex girlfriends, yes that sort of things.

However, when he appeared, he told us all this: 'My wife was my first girlfriend. And I was her first boyfriend as well.'

After hearing that I was like DANG! Depraved? For real?? -_-"

I told this story to my office mates, never really trust any sentences started with 'it's said that....' before you make sure it is right. I don't say that my friend lied to me, she might just listened to too much 'it's said that' and spreading it just like I did. I was wrong as well for telling my office about 'a good looking pastor who was once depraved' before finding out by myself.

Then my office mate told me, 'maybe another kind of depraved? Not to girls but maybe to God or to his parents.' I think again and, Yes, maybe! After a friend told me the word 'depraved' (bejat) I made my own ideas in my mind that he was a bad guy for girls. She didn't tell me that he was once a playboy, never. It was me who thought it that way, It was me who concluded the way I wanted it to.

I find out that I am usually quite careful before saying anything. But when I have been quite close and comfortable with someone I'd talk more easily, sometimes without thinking before whether what I'd say would be good or not. Maybe I have to learn again, no matter how close I am with anyone, pick the good words before it came out of my mouth.

A little lesson learned, yes? :)

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