Sunday, May 3, 2015

Yellow Truck Coffee

Yellow Truck's Logo
Just visited a very nice coffee shop today. (Thanks Si for accidentally making me come here lol)

Located at Jl. Linggawastu (a road next to California Hotel at Jl. Wastukencana Bandung), this place has a cozy ambience, lovely interior design, many colokan to make sure your gadget stand by, good coffee and good food with reasonable price.

Is there any reason for ones not to enjoy spending their time here? :)

Well, enjoy the picture parade!

Spaghetti Aglio Olio, love it!!

Fried rice + chicken katsu. Tastes good...

Hot chocolate hazelnut with lovely flower (or heart?) pattern

Espresso Machiato. Tastes bitter and sour :x

From front. Another Colonial style house renovated into resto. Good thing is, they provide quite big parking areas!

Exterior from... side?

Backyard. Love the way they use those roofs as walls both for accent and hiding the parking lot behind it.
Interior. See the wall made of roofs? That's what we see from inside, and as I said before, those walls hide a parking lot behind.

Interior. Dark choco as the wall's color is a best choice

Interior. Dark brown + yellow  represents the warmth of coffee, can't agree more of the color choices

Table's detail

Try to come here, you won't regret it X)


  1. Such a lovely place!
    The spaghetti looks so yummy💕