Saturday, May 2, 2015

Asia Africa Conference

Last April we celebrated 60 years of Asia Africa Conference in Bandung. Around Jl Asia Afrika was so pretty during that time, and I was so happy and grateful that I, together with people in office, had an opportunity to go around and take pretty pics there.

We went there at morning and evening D-2 and morning D-1. At evening it was like sea of people. It was a lot prettier to see Jl Asia Afrika in evening because of the magnificent lightings. So sad to see many trashes (mostly cigarettes) around the sidewalk. However, it was a good work, Bandung was so pretty, many people could go there having a quality time with their loved ones. And so did I, so did us.

I am grateful to be able to laugh so hard and so freely that time. I am grateful that I had pals to laugh with.

Sign of Jl. Braga. When I moved to Bandung in 1997, my father loved to ride us there, he always told us that Jl. Braga is one historical road, a trademark of Bandung.

Beautiful road lamp, isn't it?

NISP. Had went through this building for many times before but just saw it from side. Once I had a chance to see this building from the front, I was like WAOW this one is sooo good!!
Savoy Homann

NISP again from another point of view. See the traffic?? The sea of people sharing love :D
Bandung is a beautiful city, righr? ^^.

Also today I randomly drew Elle Fanning. Few days ago I watched Avengers: Age of Ultron and I felt in love with Helen Cho who was played by Claudia Kim. Don't know why instead of drawing her I randomly drew Elle, lol. I saw her in Maleficent and her elder sis Dakota in New Moon. Don't you think these sisters are cute?

Elle Fanning
Have a nice long weekend! 

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