Saturday, April 18, 2015

A Little Bit of My Naruto Fanart Collections

I stopped reading Naruto since about volume 50 in my second year in university though I loved it so much like crazy since my first year in senior high school. I have collected 50 books and I wanna collect and read it again later. I keep postponing it for years, buuuuuut, days ago my boss and a mate in my office talked about it and sadly madly deeply they talked about the ending which I never wanted to hear from someone's saying >___<" I wanna read it by myself...

I've told them to talk about it privately, they may talk anywhere anytime but please not in front of me, 

...But then it happened, in a peaceful evening :') A client phoned me and I tried to listen to what he said when they two talked *sobs* about the ending *sobs* ... I couldn't concentrate at all, why on earth I can't listen what the client said but what those two said xO

Yeah that's my sad story of Naruto hahaha... but it makes me remember a manga series I've once loved but abandoned for years... Naruto... my savior in my Senior High School...

Those years I was quite productive making fanarts of Naruto... here are a little bit of them I can collect from my A5-pocket.

Lesson learned: never use spidol to draw then color ir by color pencil, they will fade

at first I rent the manga, I don't wanna collect it at first but then I deeply in love with Naruto series soooo...

My favorite characters are Sasuke and Kakashi

Oh you naughty little boy in tukang parkir outfit :3

Jiraiya whose phisical appearance (big body and square face) and pervert character matched well with my Junior High School's History teacher Mr. ARS. Lol, he liked Tsunade, too, he is really Jiraiya in real life xD

I've bought 9 continuation books of Naruto. Lucky me, there were buy 4 get 1 free promo in Gramedia so in other words I got 20% discount *yay* The books were not complete, I will search for them again later, maybe in another place, maybe in bigger discount LOL

After I've had all the books I will read Naruto again NON-STOP from beginning till the end, xD

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