Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Another Quote from my Lecturer

My Lecturer was a motherly older woman. She liked to tell us about career, life virtues, etc (not just discussing about thesis) And here the conversation is held, between my Lecturer and the students (around 6 people).

Student: "Ma'am, somebody told me that a woman should not love her husband fully. Just let half of your heart to love him, not all."

Lecturer: "Why?"

Student: "Well, the woman who told me, she loves her husband fully and then he betrayed her. He had an affair with another woman. And that hurt her so much."

And we had a small argument about this. Till one point I innocently and shallowly said:

Me: Why not simply take a revenge? Have an affair with another man. Paid off.

And then the motherly side of my Lecturer answered me, stabbing right on my stupid answer.

"Other people may do bad things to us, we can't control it. But that shouldn't lower our own quality. Don't let that make you do the same bad thing and be the same evil-doer." - Ir. Mimie Purnama, M.T. (with necessary changes)

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