Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I Play!

Many thanks to my cousin who introduced me to the world of online shopping. Because of it, I now have some money to have fun a bit (no need to be as stingy as how i used to always be). Thanks to Kakaotalk as well, to make a full week promo, especially the buy one get one every Thursday in Blitz Megaplex. IDR 17,500 for a super entertaining movie such as Edge of Tomorrow, Paris van Java is not a frustrating place anymore. I didn't even now that playing in Game Master is fun!

Well, I know this won't last long. In months I'll graduate (finally!) and start working. I won't have much free time like now anymore. But, I just want to enjoy the moment.

What's hot now is indeed, President election which will be held on July 9. I watched their first debate which was aired on TV and it was wow for me. I mean, my last project and thesis hearings are nothing compared to it. Haha.

And my point here is not about their debate. Man, politics is exactly not my sort of thing. Talking about this will just show how clueless I am. My point is about 'mistakes in the past'. I think everyone has it. I think everyone, no exception, ever eat their own words. I am one of them. But public figure like these two candidates for president must be different, all their track records in life may be exposed so we can choose more wisely.

This Line status from a random friend really stabbed me:

Several days ago I did such an innapropriate thing to my siblings. I do the same mistake over and over again. I've said to myself, 'don't be too reactive!' But that sensitive topic always has me fall.

TV doesn't just discuss about the candidates but also the moderator. Some people in Twitter mocked him for being not critical and could only stop the audience's applause. It was said that people wanted him to be replaced. It's so easy for them to say!

And what I loved was the way this guy (the moderator) answered about this in an interview. He answered calmly and wisely. No anger, no high pitch, although it must be so annoying to be mocked by smarty-pants.

I read in the psychology page with Ms Rieny Hassan (always be my favorite!) in Nova also, about a letter from a woman who is worried about Indonesian people which are ignorant. After doing wrong, being advised nicely but then gets angry. Man! This one stabbed me right to the head.

I now I have to learn from this moderator guy and contemplate this woman's letter...

P.S. I thought I would be bored soon, but on the contrary, I love Chris Evans more and more. Haha, he is my Man-Crush-Everyday for sure! :D

He inspires me to do sit-ups every morning!

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