Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Captain America The Winter Soldier


On Friday i watched Captain America The Winter Soldier. It was pretty good, I love it, but I hadn't watched the prequel (Captain America The First Avenger) so I don't really get the points of some parts in the movie. Looking at his expression, I really thought it was touching (no spoiler) but I don't know. So I watched the first Captain America movie released in 2011 and now I get it! Wish I had watched the first movie before watching The Winter Soldier, haha...
And I ended up finding myself falling in love with the main protagonist: Captain America a.k.a. Steve Rogers which was played by Chris Evans. Oh man, why are you so handsome!!! >///<

Here are things I rarely do but now I do:

  1. Realistic sketching. Yes I'm not good in it, people won't be able to recognize who I was intended to draw unless I told 'em. But I learn it now. Coz of Chris Evans.
  2. Drawing guys with muscle. It's awkward for a girl like me to draw muscular man, but not really now, coz of Chris Evans.
  3. Drawing fighting scene. Ah, I have loved to draw some like this before, but now more intentionally, all coz of Chris Evans. *blaming

I intended to draw Chris Evans here, though it's far from the original one
Let's see how long this madness will go on then. Guess it won't be long but just enjoy the fangirling moment ^^. Avengers 2 and Captain America 3 are ahead so I'd see him again in big screen surely.

Days ago, I bought The Da Vinci Code and I loved it. I've read Digital Fortress before and it was good as well. Reading them is like watching exciting thriller movie, in much more detailed way. Yes there are false teaching inside, it's different from what I've got in school or church. My elder brother also prohibit me to read. But the false teaching is just a little piece of the whole story. The whole books which are about breaking codes in art and architecture sites while there are time limit and being chased sounds fun, no? I want to buy Dan Brown's other books but they are so damn expensive (about 100k IDR each), guess it's better for my wallet me to borrow it at book rental instead.

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