Friday, January 24, 2014

Merely Musing

Merely Musing

It feels good to draw again. Well, actually I saw some very very good watercolor paintings in DA before which made my face turned O///O so I tried to use watercolor for one as well.

Oh, Happy New Year anyway! New year closely related to making resolutions. I have one silly story about such thing. One day in about 2012/2013 I found my old diary in early 2010. There I wrote down my resolutions for 2010. I was both startled and amused to found out that NONE had been accomplished. Some were things I should have been able to do. Others were things uncontrollable.

So instead of listing resolution for a year ahead (which will, at least for me, just become sheer nonsense), I'd prefer to say this past 2013 has thaught me to think and do more wisely.

"All of your choices have consequences. Every choice has its own positive and a negative side." - Ir. Alexander Sastrawan, MSP

Identify the impacts and the concenquences of every choice before choosing one, then be responsible to it. Well, my lecturer told this to his students relating to Architecture design for the last SAA. But this is related to life lesson as well, right? As usual it's much easier to say, hahaha.

I've learnt not to easily give advice to people, too. Every person has their own reason. I cannot haphazardly equate the positions of others with my own state and say "you should...", "why don't you...", "you are strange to not...". In some occasions, silence is golden. Thanks to bad memories which have thaught me so.

Lastly, don't be too reactive. You are not Natrium, Nit. A splash of water shouldn't blow you up.

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