Thursday, July 4, 2013

Typography and Imaginary Logo Design

My Font

Days ago I looked at syllabus of Visual Communication Design students and saw that in first term they learnt a subject named 'Typography'. Then I looked at some students' blog in which they post their assignments of Typography. I found it interesting, so I tried making my own font. They used Adobe Illustrator but since I don't have the software, I used one that I had, Adobe Photoshop. The table above shows my font from A-Z, numbers, and some substantial punctuation marks. And below is the basic shape of this font.

This is the basic form, the simplest yet my favorite one, circle^^

I think the characteristics of my font are childish, cute and playful. Then I tried to use this font to make a logo design. So far, I've made four.

Trying it first for my own name
This was my first trial. My own name, hehehe. I added my photos in circle frames on the right side to adjust with the basic circle shape of the font. The underline and the circle frames represent flower shape, one symbol of feminity, to show that the owner of the name is a woman. Is it noticable? Hehe, not really though.

Cherry Blossom
The second trial, Cherry Blossom. It is an imaginary logo brand. I think this logo is suitable for a boutique which sells early teenager girls' fashion stuffs, or a clothing line.

Happy Day!
The third trial, Happy Day! I love the two rabbits^^. Love the colors, too. It looks like a cover of a fancy notebook, or by changing the words, it might be an birthday invitation letter or birthday card.

A Cup Of Coffee
The forth trial, A Cup of Coffee. I felt that the more I tried, the better my design be. This is my favorite among all my trials, followed by Happy Day!, Cherry Blossom, and the last is my name. This one is so cute, I think it is suitable to be a cover of a chicklit or teenlit novel, or a home page of a website of a coffee shop.


  1. kita juga suka typography... kita suka liatin font yang cantik-cantik! :)

    1. iyup! saya dikasi tau temen saya di pinterest tu byk yg lucu2. kalo butuh inspirasi meluncur ke situ ^^