Saturday, March 9, 2013

Exploring Side Yard

My mother loves gardening and we have many plants on our side yard. Many insects are there as well. Here are pics of some of them. Enjoy!


Yellow Flower

Climbing Fly

Cabe Rawit

Purple Flower

Ulat Bulu

In fact, there are a lot more. We have butterflies and other insects flying around. Chameleons and lizards are also can be met here in our side yard. Extremely, we once had a beehive as big as a volleyball hanging on our home roof's structure and of course there were also bees flying around, but no longer now. Well, it's not that our side yard is big and beautiful, I just find it fun to be able to feel the nature just some steps far from home.

I captured them all using usual Canon pocket camera. Just this afternoon I found out how to capture image with focusing to what is near and the background becomes blur. I think they look like being captured by SLR camera. I am so happy then, hehehe.

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