Saturday, December 22, 2012

Draw Your Own Shirt! :D

I did this in November 12, 2012. More than a month ago, it was. Because of SPA and college stuffs, I just officially have free time now after all final exams for this term have been finished.

I have wanted to draw my own shirt since long time ago but I didn't have any black shirtmarker and plain shirt and don't know where to buy them. About the shirtmarker, the bookstore where I bought one before was demolished and no longer selling. (mine before was shocking pink, I found myself confused why I bought this that time -_-"). Then one day when I was in internship in Architeam in June 2012, my friend and I went to Balubur Town Square to have lunch and have a walk. There was a bookstore which sold shirtmarker in various colors and I bought the black one for about 15000 IDR. About the plain shirt, luckily my mother had some plain white shirts at home (with huge size).

Well, to draw on your shirt, first, prepare all the tools which are needed:
  1.  Plain Shirt with any color you like, but I think white is the best.
  2. Pencil for sketching. Don't use mechanic pencil with size 0.5 or 0.35, they are too small. Use common wooden pencil or mechanic pencil with big size for sketching.
  3. Eraser in case you do a mistake while sketching
  4. Shirtmarker with any color you like.

Step by Step:

1. Draw a sketch of what you want to draw on another paper. (this one was drawn on my college notes XP) Just tips, draw something that you really like, it would make you be passionate. For example, I like Changmin from DBSK so much, especially his Catch Me performance with Yunho in Running Man 115, that's why I drew one like this and I was so passionate while making it :D

2. Draw one like the sketch you've made before on the shirt using pencil. I was nervous while sketching on the shirt since I was confused about the size. At first I drew these people too big till there was no place anymore to draw their legs, so I had to erase them and redraw again. Eraser worked but not that clean, so make sure to draw carefully. Don't draw in detail since beginning. For example, if you draw people, first draw simply like photo 1 below. After you feel that the proportion is OK, then continue in detail. The photo 4 was the final pencil sketch on my shirt.


3. Finish your pencil sketch using shirtmarker. If before I say sketching using pencil on shirt makes me nervous, inking using shirtmarker is even more tense. Tips: don't hesitate while inking, just draw naturally. Look at photo 2. The first one I drew was Changmin's chin and because I was afraid, I drew the line slowly and many times. As the result, the line was too thick. The second fatal failure was Changmin's eyes. Because of the same reason, his eyes looked much bigger than how I intended to be because the ink wore off. I was disappointed but went on inking. I didn't hesitate anymore, I drew naturally with just one-line and the result was better. There was nothing wrong with Yunho's chin and eyes and their clothes and shoes as well. Remember: draw naturally and just do it one-line, don't draw the same line many times because it could wear off. To save Changmin's eyes, I drew it bigger, you can compare the before and after in photo 2 and 5. To balance his super big eyes with Yunho's, I enlarged Yunho's eyes as well, but I came into trouble again since then his eyes also wore off. But it was not as severe as Changmin's before so I let it that way.



4. Finish your shirt by drawing anything or adding accessories like buttons or wool or ribbon or anything which match your concept on the back or sleeves or anywhere you want :) Because my concept is TVXQ's Catch Me performance in RM 115, ribbon was not a choice though I really wanted to add ribbon to my shirt because I thought it would look cute and I had brown one. Instead, I drew the pattern like the one in shirts which Changmin and Yunho were wearing on right front and sleeves part. I also wrote 'Tong Vfang Xien Qi' in Chinese characters on back.

The one I drew above is my first trial drawing on shirt using black shirtmarker. There may be other colors and tools you can try to draw on your shirt :D

For me, the one I made was not that good, but I was quite satisfied. I was proud and embarrassed at the same time while wearing it out of home. I just wore it once in November 25, 2012 while doing group assignments with friends in campus. A friend who knew my drawing style was conscious that I drew the shirt I was wearing. The bad side was that the fabric was not 100% cotton so it was uncomfortable and hot to wear. I want to draw something like this again but still don't know where to buy white plain shirt which is comfortable to wear.

Since I'm falling in love with Shim Changmin from DBSK, I have drawn some fanart of him. I want to draw him realistically but unfortunately I can't draw realistically, that's why I still use manga style, hehehe. Here are some of them which I posted to my Instagram. :)