Friday, October 19, 2012

This Last Mid-Term Test...

Yesterday was my last mid-term test. It was APVP (Arsitektur Perumahan Vertical Kota) or City Vertical Housing Architecture in English maybe, hahaha... I didn't study well honestly, since we had known it would be an open-book test, and the lecturer also had told us two of the three questions.

It took three hours full for almost of us doing this. And after we finished, I asked another student about the answer of the first question, a question with the longest answer I had wrote down. Then his answer made me find out that my answer was totally wrong. I've got one of three questions false. I had just wrote three pages long answer for nothing.

It ruined my mood that evening. I felt like have just lost a probability of getting A for this subject. Well, since my last year in Senior High School I decided myself to bravely set a high target, a target which is beyond my ability. And for college time, I always want A for every subject I take. It's not because I am smart, I just want to push myself to do the best. Our fathers have paid so much to let us study in college, we also spent hours on the way and in classes. I think those sacrifices should be paid with best triumph in the end. Even if I fail to get A, at least I know myself that I have done my best and nothing to regret.

So, answering one of three questions wrongly was a very fatal mistake... more over it was one of two questions which the lecturer had told us before.

18 types...
18 types...
18 types of what?

The lecturer told us one of the three questions would be about 18 types of vertical building. What kind of types? It was my own stupid mistake which didn't ask others in detail. I was pretty sure it was about many kinds of vertical building which she taught in the first meeting. But the fact, it was another thing which my own teammate presented at the fourth meeting.

Such a bad thing, isn't it? Personally I have determined that I will never have something bad written in this blog. I want this blog filled with positive things. However, I think it's a rare experience which is worth to write, and I try to find something to learn from this mistake, and I find one:

Believing something is true doesn't always mean it's true.

I build my own confidence about what the 18 types is about, I was unfortunately pretty sure about it. And what I believed to be true... was totally wrong...

Next time, I should make sure myself by asking other friends in detail. In fact, I had asked two friends about the questions before the test but I didn't get on asking 'what kind of types?' and it was totally my own mistake. And now after this occurs it's useless even to blame myself, right?

Stop regretting continuously, I still have some good things to be grateful of:
  • A friend also did badly in mid-term test for another subject. It's not that I am happy when somebody else is sad. I just feel like I've got a friend :')
  •  I'll go to Istana Plaza with mother sister tomorrow. A bit refreshing! All of us have been too bored staying at home all days!
  • I am reading a good book: Agatha Christie's Lord Edgware Dies. Reading this makes me feel like a stupid person who starts to be aware of the truth just if Hercule Poirot has mentioned it, or worse I still don't understand even after reading all explanations (just like when I read Detective Conan or Detective Kindaichi). It's such a pleasure for me to get 40% discount in Gramedia Istana Plaza to buy these books. That means I still have two more books awaiting, yay!
  • Since days ago I had got a complete idea to make into manga. It's not a new story, I just continue the concept I made when I was in my last year in Senior High School. I was inspired by Full Metal Panic so the story was about robot. I was also inspired by sweet love stories in Salad Days, too. Both of these inspirations led me to make another story about a girl, robot, and love story between the girl and her former friend at school. In fact, robot thingy is not my stuff. But since I love my own story concept, I'd do a research and learn about robot before making it into manga with B4 manga paper and ink. I am 21 now, I guess it's time to stop dreaming but start to do an action in order to pursue my own lifetime dream. Now I'm drawing a scene about this story and I will particularly post about this as soon as possible :)

My fanart of Kawamura Futaba (was made in February 16, 2010), my favorite girl character in Salad Days and her line which was taken from Shakespeare's Anthony and Cleopatra about youth: "my salad days... when I was green in judgement..."

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