Monday, September 17, 2012

Drafting, Weather

I am designing for SPA 6 with AutoCad now and the weather outside is so damn hot!
However, instead of being clear and sunny, the sky is so gloomy and greyish.
This makes me sweating.

After minutes
Now it's raining! :D
Whaaa... humidity!!
I am feeling fresh a bit because of the rain.

 I should go to campus at 11am to make a group assignment today.
But fortunately, it's cancelled, yay!
The journey to and from Unpar now are shit because of the road refinement.
How it's a pleasure for me not to go.
Whoever you my teammate who cancel the meeting, thank you very much!

While writing this, the rain stops.
Well, what a weird weather.
Yea, at least now it's not as hot as minutes ago.

It's my first time drafting with Cad.
I used to always draw manually.
I used to use Cad when all designs have been fixed.

Now it's starting to rain again, hahaha...
By seeing how dark the sky is now .
I bet it would be a hard windy and icy rain.

I have made the basement though it's a bit uncomfortable.
I am dizzy about the ground floor now.
The drop off, the lobby, loading area...

Architecture is like playing puzzle.
But not fabricated puzzle which are all the same.
Everybody has their own pieces.
That's one point makes it interesting, each of us is unique.
Though we all make the same project, nobody designs the same.

What a labile sky, the rain stops again.
The sky looks so desperate.
Like a person who is sad and has many problems
But tries to hide the tears from falling.
The tears don't fall but the face of the sky can't lie.

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