Saturday, May 12, 2012

Finally It's All Over!

Last Thursday, the most exhausting subject in my college is finally over, yay! With the last assembly at that day, I now finish doing everything for this subject: SPA 5!

This second SPA 5 is much better than the first one (yeah, i failed once...) because now I know what I am designing. My assistant lecturer is so much better than the previous one. My teammates are, too.

Here are some images of my design for SPA 5: Convention Hall in Sheraton Hotel, Bandung.
My Theme of this project: "Receiving Guests. We Receive Guests With Warm and Do Care About Your Ceremony's Privacy."

1. My portfolio for the last assembly. (2 pages)

2. Main Convention Hall. Look like a fortress for me, ahahah!

3. Plaza. This is a place to receive guests. From here, they can go to anywhere in this site, to the buildings, amphitheater, or to the garden.

4. Outdoor parking area. I tried to design it as efficient as possible so I can use the site for more valuable use.

5. Little Convention Hall. If the main one is for 400 guests, this one is just for 100 guests.

6. Amphitheater.

7. Outdoor garden. This place is for attending a private outdoor party.

This is not my design is good or what, I just like my own design (something I didn't feel in my first attempt in SPA 5 last term, really) I do really wish I could get good mark for it. My struggle for this assignment is quite memorable... while I was working for the last offset day, I had a toothache. And it went worse at the time I was making the mock up. Hahaha...

There is one thing I regret about this assignment, I didn't write down the theme ("Receiving Guests. We Receive Guests With Warm and Do Care About Your Ceremony's Privacy.") so my own assistant lecturer didn't know about it. Because there was not enough time... or better said I couldn't manage time well. My perspective were also really bad. But fortunately I've printed some more other perspectives so those two could be forgotten, I wish...

Yaa, at least I've done the best I can. No use worrying now, like a quote I like:

"Why worry? When you have done the very best you can, worrying wouldn't make it any better." - Walt Disney

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