Monday, October 17, 2016

What A Day

Today my friend and I went to Balubur to buy stuffs and it was 6pm when we separated. I chatted with my sis via Whatsapp that my friend went home first. My sister would finished her task at 6.30 pm. I planned to take her home with me but I was too lazy to wait for her so I changed my mind and want to go home by myself instead. And there I was, standing in front of my motorcycle in the parking lot when I realized, MY MOTORCYCLE KEY IS NOWHERE TO FIND ("OoO)

I was still calm, I carefully checked it again inside my bag and my plastic bag but still there were none. Started to be panic, I went inside the mall again and check the shops I visited but they didn't find my key.

I went back to the parking lot, wishing the key fell around the motorcycle but there were none. I asked the helmet security but he didn't find any lost key. As long as I have the parking ticket and STNK with me, the motorcycle will be save, he said. But hell no I can't go home this way -_-"

I scrolled the mall again, hoping that my eyes would find the key...
But there were none.

Balubur Town Square is very complicated, I was afraid that my key fell inside a box which was full of stuffs how on earth i could find it.

But Praise the Lord, somebody gave my key to the security... I could go home finally.
Whoever you I do really thank you so much!!

On my way home to Ciwalk (I finally decided take my sis home as it was 6.30 already) again I realized that my left rearview mirror was lost that I went back to Balubur again. I asked the helmet security againd as he checked the parking area, he gave my rearview mirror back.

Thank you Sir...

Well I was so carelless wasn't I...

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