Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Adam Levine - Lost Stars

Lately so in love with this song, hahaha.

I started doing stuffs with a friend... It had actually been planned since end of May 2015 but we stopped (maybe due to our quite heavy workloads that time) and we continued again several months ago. 

So happy that today we have our very first order^^. I'm not that new in the world of online shopping so handling orders should be a common thing but still today I am so happy to a point that I become alay.

I am just grateful. Grateful for things.

Several days ago I went to church cell group and we talked about many things, one of them that have been my contemplation for long is about vision. When we live without vision, we are just surviving, a thing which mere animals also do. But I don't know what my vision is. We had small discussion and I found out that they too haven't known their visions yet. 

It had to be searched by ourselves. I thank God for having a chance to do something new.

Lately I am quite galau (early period time as always) and I kinda lost control of my tongue. I talked some meaningless things.

And I learned about forgiving myself. Teenager me often felt guilty for stupid mistakes I made. Now I learn to not overthink (though I still do it sometimes). I am grateful that I watched Philip Mantofa's preaching video about Ecclessiates chapter 1.

Living a life is writing a book with a permanent ink and no eraser. 

I keep doing mistakes and bad things happen, but God teach me to have a right response for everything. Sometimes I win yes, but sometimes I lost, too.

I may have not found my vision in this world yet but I have clearly stated a very last goal of my life. I really want that the time I died and meet Him in any way I can't rightly imagine, He'd say to me, 'well done, kid!'

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