Thursday, June 9, 2016

What Happened This Wednesday

Last evening I had an appointment with church friends to go to a Praise, Worship, and Unction Service. It was started at 6 p.m. so I stayed late at office till about 5.30 p.m. before going there. I realized that my fuel had gone beyond E and I recklessly didn't try to search for a petrol station but just went. 'It will be enough,' I said to myself.

Unfortunately, it did run out of gas in the middle of my journey. To be detail, in a railway junction near Jl. Braga. I coudn't turn my motorcycle on. I took it to the left and saw a security about twenty meters in front of me. I left my motorcycle then went there and asked him where the nearest gas station I could reach. He told me to turn left, go ahead, turn right, a suggestion that sounded pretty far. I boarded out my motorcycle to him and walk there. And it was really far, hahaha. If I hadn't been insecure about leaving my motorcycle to a stranger and a fear of not finding the petrol station, I would have enjoyed my walk. I passed through Crowne Hotel, Rasa Restaurant and some others I didn't really pay attention at. 

Thankfully I got it, premium worthed IDR 13,000, in an IDR 2,000 plastic bag. I got lost on my way back, oh man, I am really suck in memorizing road. If I got lost in my way to, we say, Istana Plaza, I can just ask a random pedestrian where it is and they will show me the way. Or google map will help. But it's the place where I took my motorcycle, how I can ask others for help? 'Excuse me Ma'am, do you know where I took my motorcycle?' Sounds silly. I don't even know neither the exact street name nor the building name. But finally I found it.

The security helped me to pour the premium into my tank. I had a difficulty to turn my motorcycle on and again he helped me. I was about forty minutes late to the service and I didn't even meet my friends. But this man, he was such a big help!

I want to give IDR 10,000 to him as sign of gratitude but he rejected it (don't know whether he did sincerely want to help and need nothing in return or it was too little that it hurt his pride to receive it) I don't care which one, I do really thank him for his help. We were total strangers and I have even forgotten his face (I'm also suck in memorizing a person's face in first meeting) but his help touched me.

I don't care what his religion is. Who his God is, either. For a situation like what I encountered, they don't matter, his action by helping me who need help, that's one that matters. What's the point in being so close with your God through daily prayers, Sunday service etc, but neglected His great commandment to love each other by closing your eyes when you see people need your help? I was both touched and slapped by this security's action.

...And to be more careful about my fuel meter, too. It's been my third time running out of gas in the middle of journey, hahaha.

My brother sent us a sadistic video through Whatsapp. It showed some African people beat other fellow African people abusively and burnt them alive. I sent them to my friends and we had a small discussion about it. It led me to think: Why. What's the purpose of doing such an inhumane act. I browsed about history of Crusade and medieval witch massacre. I even looked for instruments of torture they used. It was all brutally cruel. I found out that I am now living in a truly peaceful place and peaceful era compared to those I had just read. The cruelty I saw in this video might be pretty common during that time. It got me trembling.

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