Thursday, October 22, 2015


Hello again, here's me, at 1.18 A.M., and now am still working with my working shits. Hahaha, working sheets I mean. And still I spent my luxurious sleeping time writing this.

Lately I saw many Indonesian comic artists with their awesome comic strips in Instagram, such as tahilalats (simple but cute, sometimes absurd), komiktitit (kind of vulgar, but I love his drawing style), maghfirare (galau-galau absurd, hahaha), alisnaik (funny and deep sometimes) and many more. I love them all, because they are great in their own unique way.

But, I have picked my favorite. It is... *jreng jreng* SiluetStrip.

In lebay way, it's like one sacred(?) time when I decide in my head that Dragon Ball is my all time favorite manga and Son Goku is my all time favorite man. And yes, among many great Indonesian comic-strip artists I've known, I love SiluetStrip's most.

No picture this time, too lazy to load one, I still have workloads to do -___-"

Will update it later with some of his awesome comic-strips, which one of them is now set as my Whatsapp profile picture. And it's my favorite one B-)


Yes, this one is my favorite! Visit his Instagram (or FB or twitter) to see more^^.

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