Thursday, November 8, 2012

♥ Shim Changmin ♥

This is just my personal story. I'm sorry for bothering if any of you looked for Changmin or DBSK in Google then accidentally and unfortunately came to this post, hehe. There is no new information can be taken here, just my very subjective point of view.

Always be late in liking something... that's me, hahaha. DBSK was quite popular when I was in Senior High School in about 2006-2007. Girls at school were crazy about them. A close friend of mine at that time also liked DBSK very much. I once came to her house while she was watching a video of their concert. I joined her watching for a while but still I wasn't interested. Also that time when she showed me a poster of them, I thought the most handsome among them was Jaejoong and one of my reasons was because he could easily be seen since was always be put in the middle.

Then, in September 22, SMTown World Tour INA 2012 be held and days later the shows was aired on TV. I watched it, and one performance I remembered well was when two guys from SM was singing 'Just The Way You Are' to a very lucky spectator girl. She cried and one of the guys (later I knew it was Changmin) wiped the tears from her eyes and other spectators screamed. While watching it, I imagined myself, wondering how happy she must be. I was not a fan of the two SM guys but I could also understand the feeling of other spectators, the must be filled with jealousy.

My sister was the one who told me that the guy was Changmin, the guy who was a guest star together with Yunho in Running Man eps. 27 we had watched before. My sister then started to like both of them (duo Changmin and Yunho from DBSK) and asked me to download MVs of them (the newest Catch Me, Keep Your Head Down, Before You Go). We watched these three MVs together and I still wasn't interested. My sister asked me to get Running Man eps. 115 from my friend as she knew that the guest stars of the episode were Changmin and Yunho and then I got it from a friend.

Nah, this Running Man eps. 115 was the one really made me fall in love with this guy: Shim Changmin. The opening of the episode was DBSK singing and dancing 'Catch Me' in the morning front of the house where Running Man members and the previous episode guest star Moon Geunyoung were sleeping. The one made me find Changmin attractive was his giggles during the performance. Yunho sang and danced seriously but Changmin didn't, as I wrote above, he giggled a lot, (maybe because he was able to see their own reflection from the big window in front of them). I thought it was very cute and I started to like him...

Then I looked for old DBSK songs and find one which made me fall in love since the first listening: 'Hug'. I played the MV over and over and over and over again, maybe I had listened to this song for more than a hundred times, because, really, I like this song very much. Later I knew this song was their debut single in January 2004... hahaha, what a very old song. I thought I might have heard the song before from my friend but didn't aware.

'Hug' is special, as I wrote above, I have liked it so much since the first listening (and watching the MV) two days ago. Their other songs didn't attract me since the first listening... maybe at first I thought the song was weird and after listening more, my ears started to get used to and I started to enjoy listening the song. But 'Hug' is different, since the first listening, it has amazed me.

My sister told me that there is a rumor that TVXQ Catch Me World Tour might be held in Indonesia and my sister really want to go and watch the concert directly. I really don't think she can but it's not good to break a dream of a young girl, isn't it?

Ah, being a fan of a guy from Korean boyband like this makes me feel like a 13 year old teenage girl. Shim Changmin, I love you, hahaha...

"Whenever you look in my eyes. I do want to show you my love. I make up my mind, make your dreams come true. Nobody can stop me to say I love you." - a part of 'Hug' by DBSK which is sung by Changmin. The pic is a screen capture from the MV 'Hug'

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