Sunday, June 17, 2012


After the last assembly, here the holidays come! Even the final term exam weeks felt like holiday for us, Architecture students, hahaha!

After this term over, I have a two and a half months holiday before the next term begin. I have nothing to do so I want to join an internship program somewhere, just to have something to do. Then my friend invite me to join an internship program in an Architecture company she knows and here I am now!

Our first day is was in June 1 and I felt so nervous. Employees here are all quite old men (no woman!) but things went well after all... firstly we had to design some interior of rooms in an building with Google Sketch up, then made detail engineering design of toilets, adding ceiling to some plans with Autocad. I felt like we were actually jobless and they just assign us some tasks because they felt sorry for us as they saw us just sitting around doing nothing... hahaha.

My friend was taught about Kerkythea, a program for rendering image from Sketch up from her Interior Design faculty friend and she then taught me. We used it to render what we design in Sketch up. I think it is not as good as V-ray but not that bad though. Kerkythea makes them look cool! I  thank my friend so much for teaching me rendering with this program!! Here some images of them:

On June 4, an employee gave my friend and I a pack of fruit soup. He said, that day was an employee's birthday so he gave that for everyone in the office. Cool! We got a pack of delicious fruit soup for free! Hehe.. then we went to his desk and said 'Happy birthday!' to him. Then on June 11, we got a lunch box and a cup of a yogurt. That day was the boss's birthday! Both the lunch box and the yogurt was delicious. It was so hard for us to say 'Happy birthday!' to him, as in fact, he was walking around us several times but we didn't say it. After finish eating all the stuff, we finally got the courage to say it to him, hahaha... So now I know that in an office, it is common to celebrate birthday by giving others some food in the office. I had a photo of the lunch box but unfortunately I didn't have any photo of neither the fruit soup nor the yogurt.

While all people in the office were eating lunch from this lunch box from the boss, a cat walked into the office to ask for some food! Hahaha... what a good smell, puss! He was male and cute like my old cats which had lost, Chiro and Cempreng. Unfortunately, all the food are boneless and there was no leftovers that could be given to this puss. He also didn't let himself to be touched. But the next day he came again and I had some bones so I gave it to this puss. Then I could touch him! His fur is so soft, even softer than my cats at home. He was also so pampered... I heard his voice 'purrr purrr purrr' and it made me so happy.

On Friday, June 15, I saw an unusual phenomenon in the pool in the backyard of the office... here is the image:

I had seen things like this once before, but just between two frogs. However, this was three frogs! And there were two other frogs around the pool which wanted to join (?) them. The frog under the female was apart but then he struggled to join again. My friend and I were so silly watching this from the pool's side... ahaha...

Now, the final matches of Indonesia Open Super Series are airing on TV... Men's Double Match is won by Korea (Jung Jaesung and Lee Yongdae). Men's Single Match is won by Simon Santoso from Indonesia, yay!! And now the final match of Mix Double is ongoing. I want to watch it after finish writing this. I hope Indonesia (Tontowi Ahmad and Liliyana Natsir) will win, yeah! :D

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