Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sunny Days

These two days, the weather in Bandung was so hot
 But I like a weather like that
Seeing the sky as a dynamic beautiful painting

We started the day in the morning with a super clear blue sky
With no cloud at all
And the sun so brightly shone

As the clouds started to appear by noon
It seemed like God was painting the white cloud
With the blue sky as the canvas

Near sunset,
He mixed the color blue white pink and yellow together
Into a magnificent entity
I was looking at a super dazzling painting above my head
With God as the artist

Hours later
With the starry night sky as the background
My family and I had a dinner out of home together
After a super long time

Now I am so grateful
For the sky He let me see
For the togetherness He let me feel

Thank You God! :D

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